Car-sharing to UK university open days

It’s quick, it’s easy and free to use

what we do

We arrange car-shares between parents or guardians with children at the same school or college. We match you for voluntary journeys on the same day to the same university open day, so you can split the travel costs.

the idea

Choosing a university is a big decision. Most students visit three universities and this uses up a huge amount of time and money. Students who are unable to visit their preferred open days end up not applying to their first-choice university and worse still, apply blind. And, some parents and guardians don’t drive, can’t get time off work or can’t afford the rail fares.
That’s where takeme2uni comes in.

how it works


This part's for you, guardians or parents. Let us know your child’s school or college, their university open day choices, and whether you want to drive or be driven.


We put in the effort to match you and will get back to you within 24 hours.


Now it’s over to you. We share email addresses for you to get in touch to agree costs and to arrange where to meet. It’s as simple as that!

It’s quick, it’s easy and free to use

what people are saying

“We want as many of our students to study what they want, where they want. Open days are so important in making the right decision, so we fully embrace takeme2uni.”

Baron Miles, Director of careers, Budmouth College

"We shared with another girl in my year who I knew a bit, but not too well. It’s nice now that if we both get in, I’ll know at least one person going. It makes it a little less scary to leave home.”

Yolanda Oliver, Thomas Hardye School, Dorset

“You want to support your child in every way you can with this kind of decision, but it was really hard to go to four open days. This was a massive help to us and our son and he enjoyed going with classmates from his school year.”

Jane and Bill Askew, Dorchester

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